Pranav Shandilya

I build products that solve problems and help businesses grow. I tell real stories that encourage people to do more.The human brain houses a crazy mix of recipes and amongst all that my brain has encountered over the last few years, owing to the multiple hats I have worn, I have gotten fascinated the most to date by 3:-1. Product Recipes: The concept of consumer connection, anticipating consumer needs & how rational yet irrational they can be, markets move faster than we anticipate, and consumerism changes almost every day with a new touchpoint.2. Growth Recipes: The idea of stewarding multiple revenue streams by activating new programs, and launches in existing and new markets. We chase the light at the end of the tunnel with the hope that the tunnel may be an illusion but the light isn’t.3. Operation Recipes: Absolutely astonishing function, truly amazes me to date how crazy it is to manage the most significant chunks inside an organization and yet create value aimed at improving the bottom line.ENTJ, more left-brained than right, I am a grounded person, and an avid learner of emerging trends, spaces, and technologies. I am reasonably quick in deploying my learnings to solve impactful problems.My passion is to build empowering, innovative, and scalable businesses; and my long-term vision is to drive impact at scale for consumers and organizations so that they achieve more.I am a Dog-Dad to 9 fur buddies, an outdoor sports lover, I can talk all day about Beers, and I love to explore diverse cultures and people's opinions. I love impromptu trips, spending hours on the beach fronts, and in lush green spaces. I like Old Classical Rocks when I am sipping on Whiskey.Always excited to chat with ambitious entrepreneurs, builders, and professionals.Ping me if you want to discuss new ideas, products, cross-functional team management practices, operations management, growth strategies, etc. Cheers!